Thursday, May 8, 2008

Due to my current work -and stress - levels, I'm taking a week off from blogging to try and get my "real" life back in order.
This blog will resume at it's normally scheduled times starting with Odd Shots Monday on May 19, 2008.



Daryl said...

I am totally laughing at that cartoon you .. when you're done at your place come on over to mine it could use a real thorough cleaning AND we could spend time together! If only!

And trees are some of my favorite people too!


Anita said...

You know, I love cleaning... it's the clutter I hate dealing with on a daily basis - why does my husband hoard useless things!? LOL...
I've always wanted to be a professional organizer... I'm so good at that, but Rick refuses my help... lol

I think the two of us would have a lot of fun... :)

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