Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've posted TONS of photos on my other blog, Prairie Dreams of the REO Speedwagon concert here in Greensburg, Kansas on main street, and the CBS Early Show people.. And today's car show and the President of the United States' motorcade as they took him from the airport to the school to give the Graduation address for the 18 graduating seniors.
Check them out!


Anonymous said...

Your "Prairie Dreams" link doesn't work.

Anita said...

It will now, I had misspelled it in the HTML! lol... Thanks!

diane said...

The car show photos are beautiful. And I know what you mean about growing up close to the land and the sky~and how you feel about wheat. I feel that way when I go home, see the cattle in the fields and the large lumbering oak trees....Great shots Anita!

Anita said...

Thanks! :)

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