Sunday, July 6, 2008


1- The Parish Priest
Of austerity,
Climbed up in a high church steeple
To be near the Lord,
So that he might hand
God's Word down to His people.

When the sun was high,
When the sun was low,
The good man sat unheeding.
Sublunary things,
From transcendency,
He was forever reading.

And now and again
When he heard the creak
Of the weather vane a-turning,
He closed his eyes
And said, "Of a truth
From God I now am learning."

2- And in sermon script
He daily wrote
What he thought was sent from Heaven,
And he dropped this down
On his people's heads
Two times one day in seven.

In his age God said,
"Come down and die!"
And he cried out from the steeple,
"Where art Thou, Lord?"
And the Lord replied,
"Down here among My people."
"The Preacher's Mistake" by William Croswell Doane


i beati said...

Wow the music the story the impressive steeple you now how to sdtart my day !!!!

Daryl said...

Fabulous photo ..

Reader Wil said...

Very impressive poem! And true!

The Texican said...

By George I like that poem. Great message. Have a great week Anita. Pappy

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