Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Song:

""I'll Fly Away," written by Albert E. Brumley in 1929 [1], is a hymn most associated with American Baptists[2] and the Church of Christ. It is an optimistic song about an earthly death that leads to everlasting life in glory with Christ.

"I'll Fly Away" has been called the most recorded gospel music song [3], beginning with a recording by James and Martha Carson, the "Barn Dance Sweethearts" of WSB Atlanta, in 1946, followed two years later by the Chuck Wagon Gang in 1948.

The hymn has been covered by numerous singers, but usually associated with country orgospel music, particularly the variety referred to as "shape note music".

Performers who have recorded the hymn include:[4]

* Selah Jubilee Singers (1941 - Decca 7831)[1]
* Ian Matthews/Plainsong (In Search of Amelia Earhart, 1972)
* Vern Gosdin (If Jesus Comes Tomorrow, 1985)
* Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 2000)
* Alan Jackson (Precious Memories, 2006)
* Brenda Lee (Sweet Nothings, 2002)
* Tammy Wynette
* Crystal Gayle
* Ralph Stanley (Shine On, 2005)
* Kanye West (The College Dropout, 2004)
* Johnny Cash (My Mother's Hymn Book, 2004)
* Jars of Clay (Redemption Songs, 2005)
* Hot 8 Brass Band (Rock With The Hot 8, 2005)
* Andy Griffith (Somebody Bigger Than You and I)
* The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Funeral for a Friend, 2004)
* The Word (The Word, 2001)
* Avalon (Faith: A Hymns Collection, 2006)
* Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling (Bowling Green, 1956)
* The Blind Boys of Alabama (Down in New Orleans, 2008)
* Randy Travis (Worship & Faith, 2003)
* The Cornshed Sisters [2008]
* Performed by Carolyn Hester on her debut album with Columbia in 1962. Also featured Bob Dylan playing harmonica. It was at this session that Hester turned John Hammond onto Bob Dylan and later signed him to Columbia.
* Bob Dylan"


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The Texican said...

I love the history of songs. I didn't realize it had been recorded so many times. I also like Allison Krauss. Very nice photo even with its snake e ness. Pappy

Anita said...

I didn't realize it either until I looked it up... It's such a fabulous song...
Thanks - about the snake - lol :)

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